Aquiva Labs joins the 1% Pledge Philanthropy Movement

At Aquiva Labs, we believe that business should be impact-driven. Our corporate values encourage us to give back and make a positive social impact. The Pledge 1% initiative is a great way to formalize this approach and make our commitment visible. Donating to organizations gives Aquiva Labs and our team members the opportunity to make a real difference in the community and those in need.

What is the 1% Pledge?

Pledge 1% is a global philanthropy movement that encourages companies of all sizes to contribute by donating 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to charity organizations of their choice. It ​​reinforces the company culture and increases employee involvement in social causes. It has a long-term impact on sustainable business growth by creating the important harmony between business profitability and social commitment. 

How do we contribute?

At Aquiva Labs we contribute with time, money, and services. We donate and match our employees’ donations to charities and fundraisers. Some of our contributions include cancer prevention programs, college and high school sports programs, Salesforce consulting services for nonprofits, and monetary donations to charitable organizations. 

As a company that believes in humanity, we have supported Ukraine and its people by matching the donations of our team members. Furthermore, we have focused our efforts on programs with local impact and we have donated medical supplies, arranged humanitarian help for refugees, and supported the country’s economy through other financial donations.  

In 2021 Aquiva Labs launched the VTO (volunteer time-off) program to encourage our employees to participate in any social cause they are passionate about, by giving them three paid days off to spend on any voluntary activity. We believe that investment in time and money in our society and those in need is an investment in a better future for us as individuals and for our business beyond profitability. 

“People don’t work for companies, they work for what they believe in, they work for their aspirations. Company founders don’t do it just for profit, they do it for the excitement of making a difference in the world. The 1% Pledge movement is a force for good, and we gladly support it.”

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