Managed Engineering

Product - Grade Engineering Delivery
At Aquiva Labs, Managed Engineering Services (MES) are well suited for software development initiatives that require expert engineering delivery with product-grade outcomes. MES services can be provided as turnkey outsourced development teams, or as an integrated part of consulting-led product development, solution delivery, and system integration projects.

What you Get with
Managed Engineering Services

Predictable and Iterative Development

Our MES services ensure predictable, regular delivery of high quality software, enhancing both the velocity and quality of project execution. Through our iterative delivery model, we ensure continuous improvement and alignment with business goals, reducing risks and promoting transparency.

Complete Visibility

We offer complete visibility into team performance throughout your project lifecycle via integrated Engineering Dashboards that show team progress and performance metrics. We track a range of Agile KPIs like cycle time, flow efficiency, and planned vs. unplanned work. This fully transparent approach ensures your project stays on track, adheres to scope, and delivers on committed goals.


With over 8 years of focused expertise in Salesforce and a team boasting more than 850 certifications, we deliver well designed solutions that customers love to use. As a Summit Consulting Partner and an Expert level Product Development Outsourcer (PDO), we cover a range of Salesforce technologies including all core clouds (Sales, Service, Platform), Data Cloud, AI, Marketing, Analytics, Mulesoft and others.

Culture of Innovation

A deep-rooted culture of innovation fuels our adoption of the newest tools and AI technologies, ensuring high-performance results for your projects. We have invested in the creation of reusable libraries and solution accelerators that shorten the delivery time and improve quality. Our teams are equipped with AI-assisted development tools and best practice guidelines.

Cost Efficiency

Our globally distributed engineering teams bring affordability to high-quality development. By leveraging a consistent development environment, engineers across-the-globe collaborate seamlessly, accelerating project timelines and speeding up your time-to-market – all at a cost-optimized fee structure.

Managed Engineering Services: Your One-Stop Shop for High-Quality Engineering

  • Product-Grade Delivery: We deliver consistent, high-quality solutions at scale. Our unified approach, using proven processes and tools for projects of all sizes, is bolstered by established libraries for long-term maintainability. User-centric design, with continuous feedback, ensures effective and user-friendly solutions.

  • Sprints: Our Sprint Process combines iterative development with continuous improvement. The Aquiva team leverages time-boxed sprints for frequent software delivery that meets milestones. Regular planning ensures continuous alignment with your goals and evolving strategies. This iterative approach allows us to adapt quickly and deliver the most value throughout the entire project lifecycle.

  • Security Compliance and Proactive Risk Management: We incorporate security compliance and proactive risk management into every project. We adhere to the strictest security standards and best practices for outsourced software development. Periodic security scanning, ongoing security training for all team members, secure development practices, Salesforce security review expertise and a robust internal infrastructure ensure that all projects pass the strictest security and risk assessment requirements of our clients.

  • Aquiva's MES Difference: How We Deliver More Than Just Engineering

    Our MES approach prioritizes a collaborative partnership. We align our expert engineering services with your business objectives to ensure success. Our teams work as an extension of your internal organization, working closely together at all phases of the project.

  • Success Framework: Aquiva focuses on outcomes. When we build software, either for your internal use or as packaged products, we focus on achieving your desired business goals and high levels of user satisfaction. This is why we have created the Success Tracker, an adoption measurement tool that not only measures but actively contributes to the success of solutions that we build for our clients. The Success Tracker analyzes user journeys and feature adoption through events, monitors feature utilization, calculates KPIs that are connected with your business goals, and actively solicits post-conversion feedback to refine the user experience.

  • Leveraged IP: Aquiva Labs leverages our proprietary tools (AqLib, Project-Template, Aquiva Dashboard) to streamline development and ensure quality. These tools include pre-built components, project starters, real-time Agile metrics, and automated code reviews. Additionally, AQ-Test-Force empowers comprehensive testing. This translates to faster development, fewer errors, and higher-quality projects.

  • Global Reach: Our global reach puts a world of expertise at your fingertips. Diverse, skilled teams across the USA, Latin America, and Europe bring a global perspective to your project. We have created a culture of empowered leadership, where experienced Engineering Directors and Managers oversee structured teams that include Product Owners, UX Designers, Developers, and QA Specialists, all organized into efficient Scrum units.

  • Success roadmaps: To ensure MES perfectly aligns with your business goals, we offer strategic consulting as part of the package. These services bridge the gap between you and MES, facilitating the creation of a customized roadmap. We work collaboratively to define each phase of MES project to meet your specific needs and expectations. Ultimately, this ensures MES serves as a powerful tool supporting your strategic journey every step of the way.
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    “I’m continually impressed with the way in which the Aquiva Development team is able to adapt and help each other with a shared understanding of the problems RainFocus are solving, without losing sight of the end user and the jobs they need to undertake.”

    Marius Milcher, Group Product Manager

    “I’ve worked with 5 PDOs and SIs on similar projects and the experience with Aquiva Labs has been far and away the best experience. You are proactive, responsive and willing to learn new skills to make our dreams come true. I’ve been impressed and delighted by how easy it has been to partner with Aquiva Labs to deliver valuable customer experiences (ahead of my expected timeline!). You make me look good.”

    Allison Gerrits, Manager Strategic Partnerships