Managed Engineering
Focus on innovation, not infrastructure. Unleash the
power of Managed Engineering
Feeling bogged down by maintaining your tech stack and app development?

Aquiva’s Managed Engineering service takes the burden off your shoulders. We will become your dedicated engineering team, providing the expertise and resources you need.

What you Get with
Managed Engineering Services
Expert Guidance
Round the clock expert support, ensuring your system operates flawlessly
Robust Cybersecurity
Cutting edge security measures safeguarding your digital realm against modern day threats
Limitless Scalability
As your business expands, your technological solutions should work in tandem. MES act as your dynamic allies, seamlessly expanding to match your ambitions
Focus on Core Objectives
Reclaim your valued time! By entrusting our experts you can concentrate on nurturing your business growth and fostering innovation
Cost-effective Strategies
We tailor cost-effcient solutions special to your requirements, enduring maximum value for your investment
Focus on what matters most - driving your business forward. Let us handle the engineering
  • Accelerate Development: Free up your internal team to focus on groundbreaking ideas, while we handle development, maintenance, and optimization of your existing technology

  • Scale with Agility: Our team adapts to your needs. Need extra muscle for a big project? We've got you covered. Require a leaner approach during maintenance? We scale down seamlessly

  • Embrace Expertise: Gain access to a pool of highly-skilled engineers across various specializations, ensuring your tech is built and maintained with the best practices in mind

  • Reduce Costs: Managed Engineering eliminates the need to build and manage an in-house team, saving you on recruitment, training, and infrastructure costs
  • You and Aquiva: Operating Model Highlights
    Technical Architect
    Product Owner
  • Define product’s future vision
  • Set high level goals & objectives
  • Analyze market & competitors
  • Focus: Align product with business strategy
  • Roadmap
    Product Owners
    Software Engineers
    QA Engineers
    DevOps Engineers
    UI/UX Designers
  • Iterative time boxed sprints
  • Includes development, architecture design, UI/UX prototyping
  • Ceremonies for planning & review
  • Focus: Deliver frequent, working software
  • Sprint 1
    Sprint 2
    Sprint 3
    Sprint 4
    Sprint 1
    Sprint 2
    Sprint 3
    Sprint 4
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    We are Trusted By
    “I’m continually impressed with the way in which the Aquiva Development team is able to adapt and help each other with a shared understanding of the problems RainFocus are solving, without losing sight of the end user and the jobs they need to undertake.”

    Marius Milcher, Group Product Manager

    “I’ve worked with 5 PDOs and SIs on similar projects and the experience with Aquiva Labs has been far and away the best experience. You are proactive, responsive and willing to learn new skills to make our dreams come true. I’ve been impressed and delighted by how easy it has been to partner with Aquiva Labs to deliver valuable customer experiences (ahead of my expected timeline!). You make me look good.”

    Allison Gerrits, Manager Strategic Partnerships