Aquiva Labs: What’s in our DNA?

When Salesforce became a leading platform for businesses to use, not just as a CRM, but also as a technology stack to build products for different industries and verticals, it opened the door for more innovation and the need for new applications. 

Nikolai Balba and the team that joined him at Aquiva Labs had previously built a successful ISV business on the Salesforce platform that was later acquired. They wanted to bring the excitement of building products on the most innovative platform to other ISVs. 

In this article, we will take a look at how our company culture, customer-focused approach, and employee engagement all play a part in fostering positive and successful business outcomes for our customers, with a fun and creative work environment for our team members around the world. 

We will also share about our successful company transformation and help you find out what’s really in our company’s DNA.

From Development to Product Delivery

Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide high-quality, turn-key development services to help our customers build solid products and achieve long-lasting success on the AppExchange. 

Through the years, our approach has evolved and we see ourselves engaging much broader in our customers’ product lifecycle, from ideation to understanding strategic objectives and guiding our customers to successful outcomes. We have built a team of solution architects and product experts, and we see our success in helping shape and deliver on long-term product goals. We offer not just a final product, but provide strategic consulting services and map the next big project for our clients to help them grow their businesses.

This focus on outcomes is supported by the uncompromising quality of our software development teams. With a rigorous development process, and the ability to scale through our global delivery hubs, we allow our clients to move as fast as the business dictates to achieve their product delivery goals.

Thought leadership and consulting expertise backed up with long-term and efficient engineering delivery are what make Aquiva Labs unique.

Customer-focused approach

At Aquiva Labs, we put the relationship with our clients first. We believe that building long-term relationships and trust with our customers is the key to the successful delivery of our services.

Every project team member, be that a Solution Architect, Salesforce Engineer, or Product Owner, interacts directly with the customers to understand their individual needs and requirements. The Aquiva Labs team works closely with the clients on the final outcome to ensure that the solution provided fits perfectly with their vision. We like to keep an open conversation and have fun collaborating.

Aquiva Labs’ mission is to deliver customer business outcomes by building exceptional products and solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Our employees are our greatest asset

Being a people-focused organization, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. We create opportunities for people from all over the world to grow their careers and become professionals in their fields. To facilitate this, we offer our employees talent development benefits such as official Salesforce certification bonus programs, corporate training, language courses, conference attendance, individual career development paths, and more!

Aquiva Labs’ vision is to develop and empower the best talent around the world, apply our Salesforce expertise at scale, and create competitive advantages for our customers.

As a company with a digital-first approach and agile flexibility, we believe that personal contact is equally important for our team. While many of our team works remotely, we aim to ensure that we stay connected and collaborate together. Our in-person events are extra special and important for us to reconnect and create memories as a team!

We use our company-wide town hall events to share the latest changes, objectives, and achievements, all while establishing a transparent and open relationship with all team members. Employees can share their opinion, contribute, and feel part of the continuous company growth. That’s in our DNA – having everyone work together, contribute, and feel part of one community!

The Aquiva way

Becoming a global company, with an international mindset and providing opportunities for employees from different cultures and backgrounds, has further enriched our company culture. We are an organization where diversity thrives. What unites us is what we have in common: the “Aquiva mindset”.

Our team is passionate, creative, engaging, and proactive. At Aquiva Labs, we want to get things done and have fun doing it. And our name says it all! Aquiva has annotations with aqua – water, which symbolizes being flexible, moving quickly, and always changing.

Being part of Aquiva Labs

At Aquiva Labs, we stand by our values and we always aim at keeping the Aquiva culture alive. Our flexible and remote working environment has allowed us to create an international and culturally colorful team, where each member brings value to the company and further enriches our organizational culture. 

Having such an experienced team, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible by offering high-quality and personalized solutions, while building trust-based relationships. We believe that the connections we create with our clients are special and we are always focused on their long-term business growth through consulting and expertise. 

We have helped many organizations expand and scale up their businesses on the Salesforce AppExchange and we are excited to see many more follow their path to success. If you are interested in working with us, contact us here, and let’s get your project started!

From a small team of 20 people to a company with more than 200 employees around the globe we have teams around Europe, the USA, and Latin America. We are constantly growing our team and adding new talent to the company. If joining the Aquiva family sounds like an exciting opportunity, check out our open positions here!

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