Episode 10: Federico Larsen, CTO & Co-founder at Copado

What is required to obtain AI patents for an innovative DevOps and Testing Platform? How much does Copado anticipate generative AI will boost their users’ productivity? How can vector databases contribute to creating an enhanced training and support experience for your users?

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak has a conversation with Federico Larsen, the CTO and Co-Founder of Copado. Federico discusses the recent AI patents that Copado has been granted, and how they’re utilizing AI to tackle various issues. He elaborates on the concept of Copado Robotic Testing (CRT) and its operation, highlighting the critical role of AI in enhancing productivity. 

As the conversation progresses, Federico delves deeper into the specifics of how Copado employs AI, explaining the use of prompts and their customization to meet specific requirements. He also underscores the importance of privacy and security when selecting a large language model provider.