Episode 11: Michael Leach, Founder, CEO at Pacific Apps Inc. / iDialogue

How can the soft limits of AI-generated words aid in establishing your product’s pricing? How does the token limit correlate to the number of words? What are some strategies for tackling the challenges of file processing on the Salesforce platform?

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak interviews Michael Leach, the Founder and CEO of iDialogue. They discuss the role of iDialogue in the AppExchange ecosystem and how it uses AI to create one-to-one personalized dialogues with CRM data. 

They delve into the challenges of processing files on the Salesforce platform and how moving off-platform can overcome limitations such as file size. The conversation then shifts to the business aspect of iDialogue. Michael shares his perspective on the usage-based model and how they translate tokens to words for easier understanding by business users. 

Michael also discusses the use of generative AI for content creation, which allows for more personalized communications with customers. He shares his insights on the accuracy of document analysis, noting that while there are variances across industries, the use of OCR, text extraction, semantic and NLP, and GPT in a multi-stage pipeline has resulted in a high level of accuracy.