Episode 12: Bill Appleton, CTO at Metazoa

How can the few-shot technique enhance the quality of generative AI output? How can decoupling metadata help prevent issues with token limits? How can you implement a zero-trust environment in an AppExchange app?

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak hosts Bill Appleton, the CTO at Metazoa. They discuss Metazoa’s main product, Snapshot, designed to help Salesforce administrators manage their systems. Bill delves into the technical workings of Snapshot, emphasizing the zero-trust environment: Snapshot is a rich client that runs on the desktop, ensuring data security. 

The conversation shifts to the use of OpenAI in their product. Bill highlights the integration of OpenAI with Salesforce, allowing for a seamless experience. They discuss the token limit challenges and the cost implications of using AI. Bill mentions the use of PMD for static code analysis and the potential of AI in reducing technical debt.

Jakub raises concerns about potential biases and ethical challenges when users input inappropriate data. They also discuss the challenges faced during the development process, especially with handling Markdown.