Episode 8: Neil Kostecki, VP of Product at Coveo

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak interviews Neil Kostecki, VP of Product at Coveo, an AI platform that offers search recommendations and personalization across various systems, including Salesforce. Neil discusses Coveo’s evolution over the past ten years, focusing on their transition to advanced models and real-time personalization. He highlights Coveo’s new feature, “Generative Answering,” which provides thorough and accurate answers with source citations to prevent hallucinations. Addressing the issue of hallucinations in AI-generated answers, Neil explains how Coveo’s approach of answering questions with citations helps mitigate this problem. By utilizing an indexed semantic similarity approach, Coveo ensures that the AI model only summarizes accurate content from trusted sources within an organization’s indexed data. This way, the generated answers are reliable and contextually relevant, reducing the risk of hallucinations.