Episode 5: Andrey Vyshlov, Chief Of Staff at ProvenWorks

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak interviews Andrey Vyshlov, Chief of Staff at ProvenWorks, a company that develops applications for Salesforce. They discuss ProvenWorks’ unique approach as an ISV, creating small apps to solve specific use cases in the Salesforce ecosystem. Andrey explains how their products target Salesforce admins and help make their lives easier by providing tools for tasks like address validation, data import, and phone verification. They also touch upon the potential of AI in enhancing decision-making and automation for admins. Andrey mentions that ProvenWorks is piloting a co-piloting feature to suggest actions and automate certain tasks for admins. They further discuss the challenges and importance of data security and compliance, particularly with regards to AI implementation. Andrey shares that they have developed an internal tool powered by AI to pre-populate answers for security reviews, which can help streamline the process, available on https://secur.akiro.ai. They explore the impact of Salesforce’s AI capabilities, such as Einstein GPT, and the advantages of being committed to the Salesforce platform as an ISV. Finally, they consider the role of AI in the future of admin work, viewing it as an opportunity to make their lives easier rather than a threat.