Case Study: Aquiva Labs & Kaptio – Generative AI (Einstein GPT) Implementation for the Salesforce AppExchange

Generative AI is transforming various industries, including premium travel. Kaptio, a leading company in the Tour and Cruise Operators sector and Salesforce OEM Partner, recently partnered with Aquiva Labs to implement Salesforce’s Generative AI, Einstein GPT, into their product. This collaboration aims to bring about innovation, security, and trust in travel technology.

Accelerating Development with PDO​

Companies of all sizes often encounter situations where they need to accelerate their development efforts to rapidly seize market opportunities. In such cases, partnering with Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) can allow you to quickly and efficiently expand your dev team with highly skilled capabilities. PDOs can initiate new development streams immediately, providing added expertise and capacity to tackle new projects.

In August 2023, Salesforce unveiled a pilot program centered around Generative AI, presenting an opportunity for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). These ISVs were tasked with integrating their existing products with Salesforce’s GenAI Apex APIs within a mere few weeks, with the promise of showcasing their solutions at Dreamforce, one of the industry’s grandest conferences.

Kaptio decided to partner with Aquiva Labs for participation in this pilot program. Initially astounded by the delivery timeline for an AI-powered solution, they soon witnessed the seemingly impossible become possible. Within two weeks, Kaptio’s AI-enabled demo took center stage at the AppExchange Landing Area in San Francisco. This achievement highlighted Aquiva Labs’ ability to accelerate development efforts under stringent timelines and the high potential of implementing Generative AI into AppExchange products securely, thanks to the Einstein GPT Trust Layer.

Einstein GPT Trust Layer

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer, the foundation of Kaptio’s implementation, is a new industry standard for trusted enterprise AI that is part of AI Cloud. It allows organizations to benefit from generative AI while being reassured about data privacy and security. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents large-language models (LLMs) from retaining sensitive customer data.

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