DevOps Dreamin’ Recap

The DevOps Dreamin’ event was a success, and we’re thrilled to provide you with access to our speakers’ slide decks. Whether you wish to revisit a specific session or catch up on ones you might have missed, we believe you’ll find these resources valuable.

'Puts DevOps Into Action' by Anna Wałach-Dudzic

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Anna Wałach-Dudzic delved into the realm of “Putting DevOps into Action!” In her insightful presentation, she explored diverse strategies to enhance your Release & Development processes, fostering greater stability and robustness while streamlining team engagement. Notably, she introduced her unique evaluation tool, the ‘DevOps Maturity Matrix’, which you can find on the slide deck. If you’re keen on assessing and enhancing your team’s performance, this matrix provides a valuable resource for identifying potential areas of improvement.

'Customize PMD - For Any Metadata - Within Minutes' by Robert Sösemann

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Robert Sösemann showcased the adaptability of PMD, an open-source code analysis tool. His presentation focused on how PMD can efficiently check Salesforce metadata, including Apex, for compliance and quality. He traced PMD’s journey since its 2015 adaptation from Java to Salesforce, highlighting Salesforce’s commitment to open-source tools like PMD, Salesforce Code Analyzer, and the Graph Engine. 

Lightning Talk: AI Checker by Anna Wałach-Dudzic

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Anna had the opportunity to present a lightning-fast 5-minute talk at the beginning of a conference. She decided to show everyone an exciting new approach to the otherwise boring activity of pull request review. She presented a plugin developer by our Engineering Manager, Evgeny Vladimirov. The plugin takes the content of your pull request and runs it through a number of carefully designed prompts & ChatGPT engine to return detailed and well-structured comments about possible improvements – both quality and security-wise. Let’s just say, it sparked quite an interest!

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