Einstein GPT: The First Generative AI for CRM

Open AI took the industry by storm. It took ChatGPT only five days to hit one million users and two months to reach one hundred million users. With its enormous success, it now holds the title of the fastest-growing application created to this date. It is no surprise that Salesforce decided to collaborate with Open AI to create a new feature called Einstein GPT. 

It is a groundbreaking tool for auto-generating AI content. This feature can be integrated directly into the Salesforce platform and can be utilized in various areas such as Slack, sales, service, marketing, commerce, and app building. With this innovative solution, Salesforce is creating the most advanced and intelligent generative CRM system worldwide.

What is Einstein GPT all about?

With Einstein GPT, users can combine public and private AI models with their CRM data to prompt natural-language queries, enabling conversational questioning within Salesforce CRM. This results in continuously adaptive AI-generated content that caters to the ever-changing information and needs of customers, providing immense time-saving benefits for users.

Salesforce’s private AI models refer to the AI models developed by Salesforce and utilized by customers through features of the Einstein technology layer. In partnership with OpenAI, Einstein GPT combines Salesforce’s private AI models with out-of-the-box generative AI capabilities provided by OpenAI’s enterprise-grade ChatGPT technology, enabling companies to access it directly. Additionally, Einstein GPT is an open and extensible platform that allows users to incorporate their own external models, allowing them to choose between using Einstein GPT in conjunction with their own models.

The First Generative AI for CRM

Salesforce introduced the advanced iteration of their AI technology, Einstein GPT, which currently generates over 200 billion AI-powered daily predictions across Customer 360. By integrating proprietary Einstein AI models with top-performing large language models such as ChatGPT, customers can use natural-language prompts on their CRM data to trigger potent, time-saving automation and produce customized AI-generated content. The new features that are launched are: 

  • Einstein GPT for Service: automatically generated knowledge articles by utilizing past case notes and producing personalized chat responses for agents to enhance customer satisfaction through personalized and prompt service interactions.
  • Einstein GPT for Marketing: customized content in real-time to captivate and interact with potential and existing customers across multiple platforms including email, mobile, web, and advertising.

  • Einstein GPT for Sales: automatically generated sales tasks such as drafting emails, scheduling meetings, and preparing for upcoming interactions.
  • Einstein GPT for Developers: enhanced developer efficiency through the use of Salesforce Research’s exclusive large language model, utilizing an AI chat assistant to produce code and pose inquiries for programming languages such as Apex.

  • Einstein GPT for Slack Customer 360 apps: AI-driven customer insights within Slack, including intelligent summaries of sales opportunities and highlighting end-user actions such as updating knowledge articles.
  • ChatGPT for Slack, built by OpenAI: novel AI-powered conversation synopses, research utilities that can be used to study any subject matter, and writing support to promptly draft messages.
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