Employee Spotlight – Anna Bodrova

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re excited to give you the inside scoop from Anna Bodrova, a Quality Assurance Engineer (QA Engineer) who has been with Aquiva Labs for two years. Anna got her first job as a QA Engineer during her last year of university and eventually transitioned into banking and then over to Aquiva Labs, a Salesforce PDO.

Sneak peek into a day as a QA Engineer

For those who don’t know, a QA Engineer is a specialist who helps to improve the software development process by detecting errors in a product and preventing defects from occurring. The main goal of QA engineers is to prevent defects. Quality Control specialists, in their turn, analyze the test results and find mistakes. They are responsible for identifying and eliminating defects in a product.

Anna spends most of her time working on two specific client projects. She usually kicks off her day around 9:00 am with a client call and fills her days with meetings and checking in with her team completing deadlines and writing cases.

Anna noted that the most challenging part of her role is analyzing tasks during grooming sessions and having to assume how parts of the application are related to each other and anticipate where issues may arise. 

On the other hand, Anna’s most rewarding part of her role is the fact that QA Engineers are less tied to specific platforms and technologies and have the freedom to choose their preference and have more control over their time-management.

Evolving as a QA Engineer

Anna has worked in four different teams over the last two years at Aquiva Labs and said she loves how hard-working, smart, and nice her co-workers are. Anna loves working with a diverse team and works next to people from countries all over the world.

When asked about what advice Anna has for someone looking to start a career as a QA Engineer, she said, “I would advise to join a company where the development process is established and there are people who can help you and teach.”

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