Employee Spotlight: Julian Besso

Meet Julian Besso, our incredible Salesforce Developer at Aquiva Labs, who truly embodies the value of being Passionate!

Julian joined Aquiva as a Salesforce developer two years ago, diving headfirst into a challenging project that pushed his boundaries in both technology and methodologies. Even though he faced difficult situations, Julian learned a lot from his exceptional team. His passion for development led him to transition from a developer to a team leader within a year. Overseeing another challenging project, Julian developed his management skills, demonstrating unstoppable growth.

Learning from his own experience and the support he received early in his career, Julian became a motivational team leader focused on a positive work environment and achieving results through honesty and transparency rather than micromanaging and control.

"Fostering positivity and clear communication are vital for strong team synergy. In challenging situations, maintaining a positive outlook and transparent communication with clients prevents misunderstandings. Our focus remains on developing a smooth working dynamic, addressing client issues, and consistently delivering quality with added value for customer satisfaction."

Passion for Julian isn’t just about completing tasks; it’s about providing extra value and constantly seeking new perspectives. Coming from a non-technical background, Julian’s self-taught journey highlights the power of curiosity and adaptability. He believes in staying up-to-date with market trends and learning new things every day, ready to cover any challenges that may arise.

To stay proactive and avoid frustration, Julian highlights self-compassion, breaking down unrealistic goals into manageable chunks, and embracing mistakes as a part of the learning process. Reflecting on achievements and building strong relationships with the team and customers keep his passion alive.

Julian likes to keep not just his mind, but the body in shape as well. Outside of work, when not traveling or spending time with his beloved family, Julian practicies at the gym, pushing his physical strength and agility. Reflecting on the past year, Julian recognizes the importance of a well-rounded lifestyle, seeking a balance between personal and professional growth. 

Julian’s journey at Aquiva showcases a dedication to passion, continuous learning, and fostering a positive work environment. His story resonates with Aquiva’s commitment to embracing challenges, staying curious, and delivering excellence.

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