Employee Spotlight: Milica Miletic

At Aquiva Labs, we take pride in fostering an environment where passion is not just a value but a driving force that propels us toward excellence. We excel by enjoying our work and embracing a curious mindset, constantly seeking new perspectives as we master our craft.

Meet Milica Miletic, QA specialist and Scrum Master – a shining example of passion and dedication at Aquiva! 

Driven by her passion for excellence, Milica is deeply committed to guaranteeing that the products delivered to our customers maintain exceptional quality and align seamlessly with clients’ expectations. As a Scrum Master, she facilitates incremental progress, ensuring timelines are met while upholding the highest standards.

What sets Milica apart is her commitment to quality assurance, which is evident not only in her professional pursuits but also in her personal life. She sustains the same standards of excellence and attention to detail across all sides of her life. 

“Quality assurance isn't just a professional responsibility. it's a mindset that I apply to every aspect of my life. I firmly believe that delivering value and maintaining high standards extends beyond work and influences how I approach my personal endeavors.”

What keeps Milica passionate about her work? It’s a combination of factors.

Firstly, she finds joy in delivering products with a significant impact on clients. She sees herself not just as a QA specialist but as a guardian of quality, making sure that every detail aligns with the intended clients’ vision.

Secondly, she believes that true passion isn’t an individual trait but also a collective energy shaped by the enthusiasm and engagement of team members. Even if you’re driven, lacking inspiration and contribution from those around you can become demotivating. Sustaining her passion, she highly appreciates such a management style,  which prioritizes not just performance but also emotional well-being. Recognizing that a supportive environment fuels every team member and team as a whole, she finds the manager’s care pivotal for sustained drive and motivation.


Moreover, Milica understands the importance of work-life balance. Outside work, she dedicates time to activities that rejuvenate her spirit. Whether hitting the gym regularly, socializing with friends, or indulging in her love for cooking, she makes her personal life as much fulfilled as her professional one.

Continuous learning and self-improvement also boost her passion approach. Milica spends her spare time studying for certifications, always seeking ways to elevate her skills and knowledge in her field.

“Crafting a fulfilling life follows the three facets of a triangle rule. First, it begins with a company and team that offer unwavering support. Then, there's the meaningful work, driving passion and purpose. Finally, there's the precious free time - dedicated to personal joy and cherished moments with friends. This triangular balance forms the cornerstone of a quality life, where each side contributes to a fulfilling existence outside the bounds of work."

Milica’s commitment to impactful work and her application of quality assurance principles in various aspects of her life exemplify how passion drives action. She embodies our core value of embracing an explorer’s mindset, constantly seeking ways to deliver value.

Let’s follow Milica’s triangle principle: fostering a supportive team, staying passionate and engaged in our work, and preserving a balanced life beyond our professional endeavors!

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