Employee Spotlight – Robert Sösemann

In the last employee spotlight of 2022, you will get to meet our Principal Architect (PDO Practice), Robert Sösemann, based in Germany. You will learn how he found his passion, what his role at Aquiva Labs is about, and why he loves the company culture!

It is never too late to find your passion

Robert has always been into technology. He studied Computer Science at university and then worked in IT Consulting and Project Management. He had led small development teams in the Java ecosystem and during this time, he fell in love with Lean and Agile software development and had his first encounter with Salesforce. It took Robert a decade to find his passion for Salesforce development and 13 years ago he became a Salesforce Developer. “I’ve never regretted it so far”, he shared. Now, Robert has a very strategic role as a Principal Architect at Aquiva Labs.

Finding the balance in a strategic role is challenging but seeing the end result is rewarding

Robert’s role requires him to be involved in various activities, so his work day does not follow a specific routine, but rather depends on what’s on the to-do list of the day. Sometimes, he is focused on Sales support, estimation, building architectures, and estimates for proposals. Other days, he is busy supporting the project teams to resolve any challenges or obstacles they are facing. He also likes to spend some time coding. Robert is also one of Aquiva Labs’ main speakers at various events and conferences.

With such a strategic role, Robert sometimes faces the challenge to find the right balance between caring about too few and too many things. He loves seeing the end result of his efforts and helping others with his expertise and broad network of contacts.

After a productive work day, he likes to spend time with his family and two daughters. Robert describes himself as the “no hobby but many interests” guy. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys drinking good wine with friends, traveling, and reading.

Life at Aquiva Labs

Robert’s favorite thing about working at Aquiva Labs is the company culture and the people. He appreciates that the company stays behind and invests in its values, keeps the company culture alive, and cares about the employees.

“I have worked for many companies of all types and sizes. They all brag about culture but most of them don't have one. At least not a good and real one. Aquiva Labs is the exception. Everything they do feels as if it comes from the heart of a human being. Nothing is cold and calculating.”

With such a focus on culture and values, Aquiva Labs has built a team of humble, hard-working, smart people that are always willing to help and have fun together.

Robert’s advice for anyone who wants to follow his path

As you can tell, Robert has a rich work experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. He is also a great example that finding your passion no matter when, can push your career in the right direction and will keep you motivated to further develop and improve your competencies. If you would like to follow Robert’s Salesforce career, he has some advice for you!

“You need to love and know Salesforce from the inside out. Architecture in PDO really means selling the story of the Salesforce platform”, Robert stated. And for anyone that wants to join Aquiva Labs, Robert said: “Trust your guts. Apply and accept. If it feels good, then it’s because it actually is good.”

He is right! If you feel like it is your time for a new career adventure and you are looking for exciting professional development opportunities, make sure to check out our open positions and apply today!

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