Employee Spotlight – Sol Zunino

In this month’s employee spotlight, we are excited to highlight our HR Business Partner LATAM, Sol Zunino, based in Argentina. She joined the Aquiva Labs team at the end of October 2021 and since then, she has been an integral part of our company. In this article, you will find about Sol’s fascinating background in Human Resources and Psychology, her exciting professional career, and her love for animals!

The passion for transforming people’s lives

Sol has always been passionate about people, their needs, and the possibilities for them to transform their own lives. This passion grew further when she graduated with a degree in Psychology and started her career in Human Resources. As a curious mind, she continued to study various topics related to supporting people in their personal and professional journeys, such as Clinic Psychology, Equine Assisted Coaching, Change Management, and she also obtained her Master’s degree in Human Resources. 

During her diverse professional experience, Sol has worked for both traditional corporations and startups, as well as a clinical psychologist. She shared that there are two significant experiences in her career that renewed her way of approaching Human Resources. First, her work as a psychologist for young children with disabilities and their families, helped her understand the resilience and the unique strength that each person has.

Additionally, her experience working at a technology startup gave her the opportunity to ramp up new teams in various Latin countries with different cultures, and also to think out of the box regarding HR initiatives, which helped her company win the “Great Place to Work” award.

“I love getting involved in challenging projects at companies that consider their employees their greatest asset. That is why I was thrilled to join Aquiva Labs and support the LATAM team ramp-up and ops, share HR practices, and consolidate Aquiva’s DNA”, Sol shared.

Daily life as an HR Manager at Aquiva Labs

Sol’s work day usually starts with checking and answering all Slack messages and emails she has received, and her calendar for upcoming meetings. Then she moves on to her 1:1 meetings with the team members and the managers. Later during her day, Sol focuses on strategic work and various HR initiatives for Aquiva Labs. To stay up to date with any new HR tendencies and share best practices, Sol keeps an enriching network with other HR colleagues in the region, and with Salesforce Talent Alliance LATAM. Although Sol has a very busy schedule, she is a people-oriented person, always prioritizes the employees’ concerns, and has her calendar open for anyone needing a meeting with her.

Consolidating Aquiva Labs in LATAM as one of the best places to work is the most challenging part of Sol’s role. People feeling happy, enjoying their career journey at the company, and improving everyone’s engagement is what makes Sol’s job truly rewarding, which also makes the company thrive.

When Sol has some free and dedicated time for herself, she likes to spend it in the nature with her dog Beltran. She is also a horse lover, and she provides coaching sessions with horses for teams focused on emotional intelligence, leadership, team building, and communication skills.

At Aquiva Labs, people are first

“​At Aquiva Labs, people come first​! ​​I’m proud to work ​in a company that ​is committed to the team members’ professional and personal development, encourages everybody to be themselves, ​and ​​promotes diversity. ​I love the strong sense of community we have in Aquiva Labs, and you’ll always find somebody ready to help,” Sol shared.

She appreciates the openness, knowledge, and fun at Aquiva Labs and the various career development opportunities that are available – Talent Academy, Certification Program, Language Schools, Corporate Digital Library, Referral Program, and Relocation opportunities.

Sol also enjoys office barbecues, team-building activities, dedicating time for volunteering, the opportunity to meet in-person team members from other countries and cities, and flexible working hours. Her favorite thing about working at Aquiva Labs is the great opportunity to do new things, being part of a collaborative and challenging global team with a great sense of humor, and a good amount of pet lovers.

Starting a career at Aquiva Labs

With her extensive HR experience, Sol definitely knows what an ideal candidate looks like, and shares her advice for anyone that would like to start their career at Aquiva Labs: 

“Be passionate about your work and have a curious mind. Always be willing to learn and share expertise and knowledge. Be proactive, don't be shy about asking questions and making suggestions. Be focused on results, not only your own but your team's results and the client's achievements through yours. Always be a team player.”

And for anyone who would like to follow a similar career path to her, Sol shared that you must be​ passionate about people and helping them to develop their potential, feel acknowledged, and encourage them to develop their careers. Furthermore, a good HR manager should be able to identify talent opportunities that match the business’ needs and have a diverse and inclusive point of view to facilitate a comfortable work environment.

We hope that after reading Sol’s story and work-life at Aquiva Labs, you had the chance to get to know our company culture and what it’s really like to be a part of our team! If this sounds like an exciting next step in your career, check out our open positions and apply today.  We provide career development support and guidance, access to official Salesforce courses, certifications, and more!

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