Episode 13: Andrew Hart, VP Services at Own Company

What is the potential of AI in data management? How can AI help with classifying data?  Which AI tools can help in the service department’s internal operations?

In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak chats with Andrew Hart, VP of Services at Own , a company that provides data backup solutions for Salesforce. They discuss the evolution of OwnBackup, which has expanded from a backup service to offering a range of AppExchange products. Andrew discusses the importance of data ownership, emphasizing that regardless of the platform used, the responsibility for data lies with the user.

They delve into the use of AI in data management, noting that while many companies are still exploring AI, it holds significant potential for enhancing data hygiene and governance. Andrew emphasizes that AI should not replace human interpretation but should work alongside it to provide insights and aid decision-making.

Discussing OwnBackup’s products, Andrew reveals that they are exploring the potential of AI in classifying data, which could streamline and accelerate the process. However, he also raises concerns about the potential for AI to perpetuate historical biases and stresses the importance of human intervention in interpreting data.

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