Episode 15: Krishna Tatta, Engineering Leadership at Google

How is Generative AI Transforming the Salesforce AppExchange Ecosystem? What Strategies Can ISVs Employ to Differentiate in an AI-Driven Market? How Do Ethical and Compliance Challenges Shape AI Integration in Business Applications?
In this episode, Jakub Stefaniak talks with Krishna Tata, who has a rich background in developing products for Salesforce ISV partners and currently leads application engineering at Google. The discussion centers on the impact of generative AI in the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem.

The conversation explores how ISVs can differentiate themselves in a market rapidly adopting AI, with Krishna advising on leveraging Salesforce innovations and focusing on automation, personalization, and user experience. She stresses the importance of balancing AI adoption with effective problem-solving, tailoring solutions to specific business needs.

Krishna also delves into the competitive dynamics of the AppExchange, predicting a more competitive future but recognizing the value this brings to end-users. She advises ISVs on the crucial decisions regarding AI model selection, considering factors like latency, intelligence, dataset richness, and compliance.

The episode concludes with a focus on AI’s role in software development, acknowledging its significant impact on productivity while affirming the continued importance of human expertise.

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