ISVs: The Clock is Ticking for Process Builder and Workflow Rules

The retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builder marks the end of a Salesforce automation era that has enabled partners to deliver critical functionality to customers, at speed, for many years. The recent announcement to end support for these long-serving automation tools means ISVs must begin the transition to Flow “as soon as possible” (Salesforce, 2024)

Here at Aquiva, we’re working with ISVs to adopt Flow and are keen to ensure the migration is seamless, timely and thorough.

Why Transition to Salesforce Flow?

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility: Salesforce Flow offers a more extensive platform for automation, with capabilities that surpass those of its predecessors.

  • Future Investment: Salesforce continues to add new features to Flow with every release, whereas Workflow Rules & Process Builder are essentially in “maintenance mode”.

  • Reduced Overheads: Managing one single tool for automation reduces complexity and improves ease of use and support.

  • Innovation Opportunity: Take the time to rethink existing workflows, identify opportunities to reduce technical debt and streamline processes.

  • It’s No Longer a Choice: If you’re an ISVForce/OEM partner, you need to act before support is removed.

Key Dates and Actions for ISV Partners

Final Support Date: Salesforce will discontinue support for Workflow Rules and Process Builder on December 31, 2025. You need to complete the migration to Salesforce Flow before this date to maintain seamless functionality.

ISV partners should begin removing Process Builder and Workflow Rules from their packages “as soon as possible” to comply with the upcoming changes and ensure any transitional challenges are resolved well before the advised date.

Resources for Transition and Support

To facilitate the transition, Salesforce is offering the following resources: 

       Guides for Migration:

How to Request Access for Component Removal

Removing components from managed packages requires approval from Salesforce. To initiate this process, ISV partners should:

You’re Not Alone

At Aquiva Labs, we specialize in building, maintaining and innovating on Salesforce ISV applications. As an Expert-tier Product Development Outsourcer, as well as being well-versed in platform automation technologies, our teams are highly experienced in both 1GP and 2GP managed package development and can help guide you through this transition.

Our team of certified Salesforce developers, architects and consultants provide project and capacity-based services, ensuring that our partners not only meet the technical requirements of this transition but also take any opportunity to optimize their applications to leverage the full potential of Salesforce Flow. As an ISV, you can confidently navigate this change by partnering with Aquiva, enhancing your competitive edge.

Sounds interesting? Fill in the contact form below to get in touch with us and let’s start your transition now!

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