Manufacturing Cloud Spring ’24 Release: Quick Insights

Nestled among the upgrades to sales agreements, forecasting, inventory management, assets, and all the underlying Salesforce for Industries process and flow enhancements, you’ll find my two favorite updates. They may seem minor compared to the other upgrades, but their impact on your ability to efficiently serve and grow your customers is massive.

Behold the mighty Actionable Relationship Center and the easy-to-overlook Sales Agreement Data Grid!

Do you want to see Customer360 come to life? The Relationship Center can show all the objects connected to an account (or any hierarchal relationship on the platform). This example shows sales-related objects but can also include service cases, warranty claims, rebate programs, assets, etc. And this isn’t just a list. Each record is actionable, so you can dive right in to it right from the relationship view! Seems simple, right? Try doing this in another system. Your management teams, sales users, and customer service teams will love you for activating this feature to help them spend more time talking to customers and less time searching for information!

Similarly, the Data Grid upgrades to Sales Agreements make it more usable and much faster to edit! The first three columns are now frozen, so when you scroll to the right, you don’t lose track of where you are in the grid. I know, I know… that’s basic for spreadsheets, but not so basic for a live editable object with Salesforce. Even more time-saving is using your keyboard to navigate between cells and keyboard shortcuts to undo and save your edits. Feature like these are the key to getting sales users to keep their expected order quantities up to date to drive accurate forecasting.

Those are some quick insights from the Spring ’24 Release. Here are the release notes for your review, and here is the link to the official Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Spring ‘24 Release Highlights webinar on Tuesday, March 5th.

I’d love to hear what your favorite features are! Drop me a message below with your favorite features or reach out to me for a virtual meetup to nerd out about Manufacturing Cloud!

Written by:

Picture of Jim Nader
Jim Nader

VP, Growth Industries

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