Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Spring ’24 Highlights

As the Salesforce ecosystem continues to evolve, the Spring ’24 release of Financial Services Cloud brings a lot of efficiency and client-centric innovation across banking, wealth and asset management, and insurance. Data Cloud integration is probably the biggest piece of news this time around. Here’s a quick look at the key features and enhancements.

1. Financial Plans and Goals: Redefining Client Engagement

Salesforce introduces advanced capabilities to create and manage financial plans and goals. The FSCFinancialPlan FlexCard provides a view of clients’ financial plans, enabling advisors to tailor strategies. This feature is pivotal for organizations aiming to offer personalized financial advice, aligning with clients’ changing priorities and life events.

2. Enhanced Data Integration with Data Cloud

The Spring ’24 update integrates Data Cloud for Financial Services Cloud, facilitating a deeper understanding of clients through a unified data profile. In our view, this is a game-changer for financial institutions, enabling them to leverage data for insightful, informed decision-making.

3. Residential Loan Applications: Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Salesforce enhances the control over Residential Loan Application records, ensuring sensitive client data is safeguarded. This update aligns with the growing need for data security in financial services, particularly in mortgage lending processes.

4. Einstein Activity Capture: Streamlining Scheduling and Interaction

The inclusion of Einstein Activity Capture for FSC is a significant step towards enhancing scheduling efficiency. Advisors can now seamlessly sync events organized by external users, streamlining client interactions and ensuring an up-to-date Salesforce calendar.

5. Transaction Dispute Management: Empowering Self-service and Compliance

Salesforce introduces comprehensive features for transaction dispute management, including merchant-related information enrichment and integrated business rules. These features are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in managing transaction disputes.

6. Integrated Onboarding: A Pilot for Seamless Integration Callouts

The Integrated Onboarding pilot feature is set to streamline integration callouts, such as identity verification, a crucial aspect of digital transformation in financial services.

FSC is also enhanced with cross-industry capabilities like Actionable Segmentation, List Builder for Data Cloud Segment, customizable KPI Bars, and Bulk Action Panels, tailored for sales and service executives to streamline workflows and gain deeper insights.


The Spring ’24 release brings a lot of enhancements. It’s a strategic shift towards a more integrated, data-driven, and secure financial services ecosystem. For more details, visit the Salesforce Spring ’24 release.

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