Salesforce Health Cloud Spring ’24 Highlights

Salesforce’s Health Cloud Spring ’24 release focuses on streamlining processes and enriching patient care. The standout of this release for us is the Home Health advancements enhancing scheduling and streamlining recurring visits, which translated into improved efficiency and patient care. Here’s a deeper dive into the recent updates:

1. Home Health Advancements

The Home Health enhancements significantly streamline home visit scheduling by introducing broadcasting and canceling visits, scheduling dependent and group visits, and efficiently managing recurring visits. Key features include the ability to broadcast up to 50 home visits across multiple regions, reducing no-shows and increasing patient care efficiency. Dependent visits offer simultaneous services to patients, improving care continuity and health outcomes. 

Visit bundling for patients in nearby locations or with similar conditions, along with in-app medication administration during visits, simplifies scheduling and bolsters patient safety and medication adherence, marking a substantial improvement in home healthcare delivery.

2. Integrated Care Management Enhancements

The latest enhancements foster a more dynamic, patient-centered approach. With the new OmniScript flow, healthcare providers can effectively update care plans by incorporating additional assessments, allowing for a comprehensive revision of problems, goals, and interventions. This ensures that care plans are always relevant and customized to the patient’s changing needs. 

3. Enhanced Provider Search with FlexCard

Provider Search allows for more targeted and comprehensive searches across an expanded range of data, configuring the search results display, and customizing search result filters. This feature is essential for healthcare professionals seeking to match patients with the most suitable providers quickly and effectively.

4. Refined Referral Management

Improve referral process by accepting referrals from guest users, coordinating care for referred patients, and focusing on key referral metrics to improve efficiency. You can now gain insights into referral patterns, top referral resources, and provider performance by using the new Referral Management app.


5. Advanced Therapy Management Enhancements

Incorporating the Electronic Signatures framework for Chain of custody events aids in tracking required signatures. It also allows for the customization of work type step lead times by country and site, enhancing the efficiency of therapy management. This feature is particularly important for organizations focusing on reducing therapy delivery time and improving patient outcomes.

6. Assessment Feature Enhancements

Boost productivity with new assessment components, offering a complete view of assessment scores and managing them all in one place. This helps with ongoing patient evaluation and care, ensuring healthcare providers have a comprehensive understanding of patient progress.

7. Electronic Signatures for Workflow Efficiency

Capture electronic signatures for essential record updates directly within Health Cloud. This integration ensures a streamlined, compliant process for verifying key records and steps, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

8. CRM Analytics for Health Cloud

This new feature provides insights into referrals, employing dashboards included in the Enhanced Analytics for Healthcare app. Healthcare providers can now manage patient referrals more effectively, tracking and analyzing referral activities for optimized resource planning and patient care.


Health Cloud’s Spring ’24 release brings significant advancements aimed at enhancing patient care and streamlining healthcare processes. The collective enhancements underscore Salesforce’s commitment to driving healthcare innovation and efficiency. Full release notes are available here

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