Building successful applications & solutions
for the Salesforce AppExchange

As one of Salesforce’s most experienced and trusted Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) partners, Aquiva Labs takes your vision to design, develop, build, and maintain cutting-edge applications and ensures your long-term success on the Salesforce AppExchange.


We guide businesses through the entire AppExchange process

Aquiva Labs uses a proven approach emphasizing: preparation, development, iteration, and support.

From day one we work with our ISV Partners to discuss their vision and find the best way to build it on Salesforce. After initial discovery, a success plan with milestones and checkpoints is created. Our solution design phase validates the technical design and sets the foundation for agile Salesforce product development. We follow an agile development framework with 1-2 weeks of sprints, daily scrum meetings, and sprint reviews with stakeholders. Upon completion, we assist with AppExchange listing and provide ongoing sustaining engineering and maintenance services.

Application Development

Full Lifecycle Application Development

Whether you want to build a customer-centric application, take your existing Salesforce app to the next level, or just need to partner with an industry expert to bring your vision to life, Aquiva Labs is your long-term Appexchange app development partner.

ISV Application Development

Aquiva Labs is one of Salesforce’s most experienced PDO partners, providing strategy, innovation, and execution in order to build your long-term success on the AppExchange. We pride ourselves on having deep experience in developing application lifecycle strategies and executing product roadmaps through our tuned-in collaborative agile development approach so your purpose-driven products are built to last from day one.

Custom Application Development

Aquiva Labs works with customer-centric organizations to help drive their CRM and application development initiatives while also challenging them to think about the big picture 
with Salesforce and reach their fullest potential.

Expert Consulting, Continuous Support & Managed Services

Proof-of-Concept Projects

For ISV partners considering launching a new product, we offer agile development support to create a proof of concept or prototype that showcases and validates your technology vision.

Salesforce Consulting Services

As one of the leading Salesforce consulting partners, we provide at-scale mastery of Salesforce development to deliver sustainable competitive advantages to clients. Salesforce ISV partners and customers are supported by us establishing, enhancing, or reviewing development best practices, solution architectures, and process automation, including automated regression testing, continuous integration, and DevOps readiness.

Support and Managed Services

We provide ongoing support beyond product release, including a technical helpdesk for expert-level support and collaboration with your front-line support. We proactively monitor production solutions, troubleshoot errors, escalate to Aquiva Labs’ core developers, and implement workarounds for operational continuity.


Existing AppExchange Partners

  • Code Reviews for quality and security
  • Leverage new Salesforce release technologies
  • Design and development of new Salesforce-based products
  • Release Management optimization to allow you to scale
  • Ongoing maintenance of your managed package
  • Escalations and Level-3 Support

New AppExchange Partners

  • Navigate the journey to becoming a Salesforce partner

  • Review application concept and fit for Salesforce as platform
  • Solution Design to lay the foundation for a successful long-term product
  • Ongoing development
  • Setting up a demo environment ready for launch
  • Access to Customer Success Team for ongoing maintenance and development post-launch
  • Release Management optimization

Bring your business vision to life

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